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Sites worth a visit

People I prefer and recommend working together.

Kreaktif : Illustrator artist Gürcan Özkan's portfolio.
ToilAD Ltd. : Organizations, promotional activities.
Sasanna Tasarım : Object design and manufacturer.
Ozlem Tuna : Jewel designer.
Jingle Works : Nice vibes, good jingles.
Kürşat Karataş : 3D artist, good friend.


Highend3D : Priceless 3D/CGI repository.
CGTalk : Everything 3D/CGI.
3D Buzz : 3D news, forums.
10 Second Club : Character animation.
Matte Painting
Keith Lango Animation : The principles.


The Good Guys

Grafficafe.net : Turkish CG artists' chat
Cüneyt Özdaş : CG programmer, of Brazil fame.
Arslan Elver : 3D animation artist.



3dunya.com - Tankut Erinç


Dexigner Tasarım Portalı MikeBonnell.com Computer Wallpapers, Screen Savers, Ecards and Links!

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